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Optional Settings:
By right clicking on the red BrowseBlast system tray icon, you can adjust the settings of the BrowseBlast software installed on your machine.

Changing Your Connection Settings (Username and Password):
Normally, the connection settings that are set during installation do not need to be changed. If however, arcZip provides new connection settings, you may change the preset ones using the "Settings" dialog.

  1. Click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator system tray icon to access the pop-up menu.
  2. Select "Settings...".
  3. Click on the "Connection" tab.
  4. Change you settings and press OK to save them.

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AutoUpdate Setting:
  1. AutoUpdate will inform you of any major or minor software upgrades to the BrowseBlast Service. By default, you will be notified of all software upgrades.
  2. Open the "Settings" dialog
  3. Click on the "AutoUpdate" tab
  4. Select when AutoUpdate should notify you of software upgrades.
  5. Press OK to save the settings

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Proxy Exclusion Setting:
Bypassing the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator for Selected Sites

If you wish to bypass the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator for certain web sites (web sites on your local corporate intranet, for instance) then simply select the "Proxy Exclusion" tab on the " Settings" dialog (see below). You have two options for bypassing sites:

  1. If you have already defined a proxy exclusion list in your web browser, then the setting automatically applies to the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator.
  2. You may also "Specify a proxy exclusion list" by selecting this option. In the given text field, list all the web sites, separated by semicolons, that you wish to bypass BrowseBlast Web Acceleration.
  3. Stop and then start the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator. Note: In step 1, Netscape does not support the wildcard (*) operator.

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View Your Acceleration Statistics:

  1. You may view the acceleration statistics and how they change dynamically using the Statistics dialog.
  2. Click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator system tray icon to access the pop-up menu.
  3. Select "Statistics...", to display the Statistics Summary dialog.
  4. Click "Reset" to reset the statistics. You may do so at any time while browsing without affecting BrowseBlast Web Accelerator's performance or operation.
  5. Click the "Details" button to view more detailed statistics information (see below).

  6. Consult the following table for a description of the values.

    Original Data Size of the original (uncompressed) data.
    Actual Data Amount of data sent by BrowseBlast Web Accelerator.
    Savings Ratio Factor of reduction in data. E.g. A savings ratio of 4.00 means your connection is 4 times faster than a normal connection on average.
    Text-based This row contains compression information regarding text-based content.
    Graphics Contains compression information regarding graphical content.
    Others Contains information regarding content that is neither text nor graphical.
    Total Downstream Lists the total original and compressed amounts of data downloaded.
    Total Upstream Lists the total original and compressed amounts of data uploaded.

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Accessing Product Version Information:

You may view the product version in the About dialog.
  1. Right-click on the BrowseBlast Web Accelerator taskbar icon to access the pop-up menu.
  2. Select "About" to display the About dialog (see below).

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Uninstalling BrowseBlast Web Accelerator:
  1. Under the Control Panel, select "Add or Remove Programs".
  2. Select BrowseBlast Web Accelerator and click Remove.
  3. The uninstaller will launch and guide you through the uninstallation procedure.

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